Sunday, September 07, 2008


We see where the Repiglican candidate, John McCain has co-opted the Democratic party's promise of change if he elected to the Whitehouse. Apparently his old message of war-mongering and following the trail that George The Dim has cut wasn't playing as well in the heartland as he had hoped.
But I doubt the new and improved message is going to be any easier to sell to anyone who is even moderately bright. The fact is, McCain is asking voters to elect him to clean up a monsterous cluster-fuck that he bears some responsibility for making. I mean, whether you choose to blame the Congress, the President or the Republican party for a useless war in Iraq, two economic recessions, a disasterous response to Hurricane Katrina, and a 300 percent increase in fuel prices, that fact is that McCain's pecker tracks are all over the policies of the past eight years. ... So why would any sane person want to give him a third bite at the apple, after he's already demonstrated his poor leadership skills.
Here's the thing: Intellectually, McCain's best days are behind him. I covered his west coast primaries in the 2000 cycle and I have to say he impressed me enough to consider voting for him. But that was before he caved in to pressure from Haley Barbour and others in the party leadership to step aside so George Bush could run.
And while the reasons for his decision to step down are now immaterial, the fact is that his ideas and promise of non-partisan politics are now bankrupt. Remenber when he took the so-called "christian" fundamentalists to task for their heavy-handed efforts to control the whitehouse and congress? Yeah, well he changed his mind and bent over for them last year when he begged their forgiveness and their support.
Add that to his vow to stay in Iraq until the U.S. gains "victory" - whatever that hell that means- and we begin to see a man whose appears to be re-fighting a war long lost. But, of course, he can't win the war in Vietnam by committing more troops, money and resources to Iraq and he probably knows that. And he can't reinstitute the Barry Goldwater era of conservatism, and he probably know that too.... Probably. But even if he could, is that the of "progress" we want?

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