Friday, November 17, 2006


Is Delmarva Dealings an alter-ego of Hadley Whiplash... one is bad and the other is even worse?
I'm just wondering because I don't believe in coincidence.


As he predicted last week, Joel Todd has retained his seat as Worcester County State's Attorney. His victory, however, is not yet carved in stone, as the margin was small enough that even the dumbest of Repiglicans is still smart enough to call for a recount. Whether that will happen, or not, is still up in air as even the home town party movers and shakers shrugged unknowingly at the question. "That will be up to the state Republican Party, not Beau." Pat Schrawder said immediately after the count was official. Questioned by a local reporter, a representative of the state party said party officials would consult with Oglesby before making that decision.
One of the concerns that will affect that decision his how it will play with the electorate... in effect, would Oglesby, and perhaps by extension, the Party be seen as squeezing sour grapes to demand a recount? And that's a tough call. On one hand, the margin is tiny and there is the remote possibility that Oglesby could gain a few more votes in a recount... on the other hand, the Republican's Feckless Leader has already burned all of the party's political capital, so there's little sense in continuuing to irritate and annoy the voters any longer.


Have you guys noticed the similarity between Pat Robertson and Nancy Pelosi? I mean, Yikes. .... No matter what words are coming out of their mouths, they always smile. Nancy's getting a lot of press right now, so you can can check her out easily enough.... But when you've done that, go back an look at tapes of Pat Robertson, particularly when he was calling on the U.S. government to whack the president of Venezuela... apparently both believe that as long as they smile, their words will be seem reasonable ... alright, I'll admit that so far Pelosi's language is much more to my liking than Robertson's, but they both strike me as insincere, like used-car salesmen with a sociopathic streak they're trying to cover with a smile.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

UP 16, 37 TO GO

Alright all you right-wing mo-fos, the word gets put down this morning... That's when the Worcester County Board of Election counts the last 37 votes and name the newly elected State's Attorney. Given the present lead and the closeness of the race thus far, I'm thinking Joel is going to retain his office. But either way, I don't really expect the contest to end after the count is done. I'm looking for whoever comes out on the short end to demand a recount, and if that's going to happen, it has to happen by the close of business next Wednesday... so says the lady at he election board. Personally, I hope Joel keeps the office... not just because he's has more experience and already has a team in place, but because I listened to the candidates carefully before the election and I know that Beau Oglesby took a few liberties with the facts in his campaign literature... He didn't exactly lie when he and his flunkies said Todd's conviction stats were bolstered by plea bargains. But his clear implication was that he would not allow plea bargains.... But the fact is that he will not only allow them, he'll offer them up to defendants, himself. That's not a lie, or conjecture, or hyperbole. It's a fact, because that's how the criminal justice system works. As a matter of fact, if Oglesby has as much litigation experience as he wants voters to believe he has, then he has already been a willing part of many, many plea bargains. And the fact that he didn't tell that to voters makes me question his honesty.
And on the outside chance that Oglesby really will do away with plea bargaining, here's what will happen: Conviction rates will go into the basement, because plea bargains serve to punish criminals when prosecutors have marginal cases. Also, more cases will be dismissed because the state either cannot prove it's original case or defendants have been denied the right to a speedy trial, because every case is going to a jury and there's a backlog.
Oglesby is a blowhard.... I mean, that's to be expected from someone who fancies himself a politician, but this gig is not just about politics. It's also about justice and honesty. And from what I saw during the campaign, he's not fit to represent the interests of the public.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Well, just as JFA went dark and Hadley Whiplash crawled off to sulk in the basement, Delmarva Dealings struck up Ruffles and Flourishes and paraded himself back into the blogosphere amid the applause of ... well, no one, really.
Holding himself out as some sort of conservative intellectual (now there's an oxymoron for you) his pontifications on political issues betrays both his ignorance of the current climate and his longing for a return of a demented grade B movie star as commander in chief... We would like to take him to school, but he won't allow comments, opposing or otherwise. .... Just another light-weight too fearful to leave his nest and fight the good fight. Pity.

Monday, November 13, 2006


A source close to the Worcester County Courthouse said this afternoon that Joel Todd now has a 16 vote lead in his bid to retain his office as the county's State's Attorney. A count of absentee and provisional ballots that began at 10 a.m. gave Todd the lead. As of today, 35 more ballots will be counted on Friday, although the sources says the county Board of Elections may still receive more ballots before then. Reportedly, the board of elections will accept ballots until Wednesday.
In related news, the state high court rejected a lawsuit by plaintiffs represented by the American Civil Liberties Union to allow their votes to be counted despite being postmarked after the Nov. 6 deadline. That suit was filed in Anne Arundel County last week and, had it been successful, would have allowed 15 additional ballots to be counted.

Sunday, November 12, 2006


Our house is haunted.... No, really. .... My wife and I were on the way to Salisbury today and she asked, rather matter-of-factly, if I have had any issues with the house recently.... that's linguistic shorthand for, "have you seen the ghosts recently."
Well, no I haven't. There were a few odd incidents when we first moved in three years ago, and then some more weirdness when we redid the master bedroom, but nothing, for me, since then.... and by "odd" and weird, I mean stuff like the clock flying off the wall and landing six or seven feet away, the doorbell ringing and no one is there ... that kind of thing... But for my wife, the weirdness has taken on physical shapes, like the little black dog on the front stairs and the man in the brown suit in my office--- he made his first appearance last night about 10 o'clock.
I've not seen either the dog or the man, but that doesn't mean I disbelieve the wife. She's sane and not given to flights of fancy, but neither of us are afraid of whatever shares our home, and over the years we've come to not even be too much surprised by their presence or actions. This is an old home, occupied by just four families since it was built sometime between 1850 and 1885. ... That disparity comes from the years the state says the house was built and the year listed in Paul Touart's book "Along the Seaboard Side." ... And it's not so weird anymore to think that ghosts might exist. Even such scientific journals as National Geographic seems to be giving them some level of credence.... they spent a couple days in Snow Hill last year doing a segment on a ghost known as "JJ" in the old Snow Hill word on what they found, but to those ( and there appear to be many) who have seen him, he's a revolutionary war-era soldier. Nevertheless, it does make me wonder if others have similar encounters but have not mentioned them.