Friday, August 10, 2007


Well. We see where the formerally esteemed mayor of Salisbury, Barrie Whatshername, has decided to wade into the pig pen with her police chief (pardon the pun) so they can try to give Joe Albero a sound thrashing. Good. I never liked Joe, anyways. Much of his writing betrays his ignorance and, I think, suggests an....umm... emotional disturbance. Personally, I find him easy to ignore - even though he has threatened me with physical assault.
Apparently the same can not be said of Miss Barrie and her minion, yet they have less protection from maniacal rantings than I do owing to their voluntary participation as self-professed leaders of the community. There is a marked difference between the level of privacy and public commentary a private citizen, and a public figure can expect. So, while I admit I haven't kept up on Joe's public strangeness and ramblings, I have to say that most of what I read back before he opened the website constituted Fair Comment, in the context of public figures. Oh, most of it was lame, ignorant, and half-baked, to be sure. But it rarely crossed the line.
So for city officials to file suit smacks of nothing so much as intimidation.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Glenn Murphy Jr., the recently elected director of The Young Republicans National Federation resigned this week, citing another job opportunity that would prevent his involvement on politics.
But according to the Jeffersonville (IN) Evening News and Tribune, that reasons cited by Murphy may not be entirely correct. According to police sources cited there, Mr. Murphy is under investigation for allegedly performing "an unwanted sex act" on a 22-year-old man. Reportedly the victim was asleep when he was assaulted July 31.
And, it turns out, the incident may not be the first time stories have surfaced alleging Murphy attempts to purloin unguarded hot dogs. ... If only he could find a nice young man and settle down.


Jeremy Hernandez, the 20-year-old Minnesota guy who saved the lives of dozens of kids last week during the bridge collapse, got two impressive reward offers this week. One he accepted, one he rejected. And it is his rejected of that offer that further elevates his status as a hero. A New York Times story yesterday said Hernandez flatly rejected a call from the White House to meet and shake hands with the President, and went fishing instead.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Ok, here's the good news: Ocean City, which touts itself as both a world-class beach resort and the economic engine of the county, made national headlines last week. The bad news is that it was for a bizarre homicide case that held the media's attention for days on end. The town even made copy for Newsweek... although it was only on a left-hand page.
It's nice to see our little town get world wide attention, isn't it. The problem is that that the thing that get us noticed is not on the list of things we're paying some high-dollar PR firm to promote. SO maybe we need to ditch them and go with a motto reflecting what we're becoming known for.... I mean, the last big media coverage we had was for the Sifrits, that lovely manical, homicidal couple who visited us a while back.
So let's ditch that candy-assed blue and white flag, and go with the tried and true Jolly Roger. I mean, it's universally recognizible. It's got history, and it's got a edge to it. Think about it... people like to be scared. Just look at the number of people riding the roller coaster, paying big money to ride a slingshot made out of a giant bungicord, or running across Coastal Highway at night. We really should capitalize on this.
Of course, we'll need a new motto: More Fun Here just seems too tame. Oh! How about something like: You May Die Here, But You'll Be Famous. Or, Come to Ocean City and Meet Your Maker, or You Never Know What You'll Find Buried in the Sand.
Let's work on it.