Thursday, March 22, 2007


The Delaware House Ethics Committee recommended yesterday to censure Republican Rep. John Atkins, The Wilmington News Journal reports. The recommendation is expected to go to the full House for action today. In addition, the committee also drafted a resolution outlining other, more serious sanctions the house could impose against Atkins, including expulsion. Reportedly, some representatives on both side of the isle are considering voting to expel Atkins from the House.
The committee's action came in the wake of Atkins' actions during a traffic stop by police last October during which he flashed his legislative ID card after being pulled over for suspected drunken driving.
His actions apparently were successful, as he avoided a DUI arrest despite a preliminary breath test indicating his blood alcohol content was nearly twice the legal limit. He was arrested that that same night, however, after police went to his home to resolve a domestic violence complaint.
Still unresolved are the actions of the Ocean City police officers who turned their backs to the DUI case.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Like gunslingers in a western movie, a house panel today approved a measure to issue subpoenas for Whitehouse staff, moving the Democratic controlled congress a step closer to a constitutional showdown with the Bush administration. According to an AP wire report, "The panel approved, but has not issued, subpoenas for Rove, former White House Counsel Harriet Miers, their deputies and Kyle Sampson, Gonzales' chief of staff, who resigned over the uproar last week. The full Judiciary Committee would authorize the subpoenas if Chairman John Conyers of Michigan chose to do so."
The panel's action is seen as a flat rejection of the president's offer of allowing staff members to be interviewed, but not be compelled to testify under oath in public. Click here for the AP story.


It's time to make some hard decisions about the local commercial fishing industry. Again this year, there are dire predictions about the availability of blue crabs, and genuine Chincoteague oysters are in such short supply that they are almost a dim memory. What with the declining harvests and declining ability to make a living in the water, maybe it's time for a limited moratorium on taking crabs and oysters.... and already I can hear some people limbering up their shotguns, pitchforks and torches to come teach me a lesson about interfering in their livelihoods.... but here's the thing; There's not much of a livelihood left. So maybe if you want or need to see increased profits and harvests, we need to let to crab and oyster populations rest and regrow. Three, four, maybe five years without shellfish is not too much to ask if we expect to have them abound for another 50 years. If we just lay off for a few years, cut way back back on the number of commercial fish licenses the state issue, and then alternate closed seasons, we and the health of the bays may be able to recover what we're so close to losing now.


Click here for a Fox News video report about a Chicago cops who beat the crap out of a female bartender who refused to serve him because he was drunk. The video shows the 6'1" 250-pound "hero-who-puts-his-life-on-the-line-every-day" punch the 5"4' woman to the floor with a haymaker to the head then continue to kick and punch her. The only thing more appalling that the attack is the time it took other patrons to come to her aid.
According to the report, the asswipe was initially charged with misdemeanor assault, but that was later upgraded to a felony.... apparently after the news media got hold of the tape.

Monday, March 19, 2007


A recent poll conducted by WRC-TV in DC, indicates that nearly 75 percent of those responding don't believe the reported confession by Khalid Sheikh Mohammed that he planned virtually every major act of terrorism in the last ten years. ... Count me among the disbelievers.
But don't make the mistake of thinking I don't believe the confession because I think he's innocent- he's not. In fact, I don't believe the confession because the only people who witnessed the "confession" are those who have plenty of reason to lie, and because his interrogators admit they subjected him to torture.
So here's the problem: The federal government desperately wants to catch those responsible to the 9/11 attacks, the attack on the U.S.S. Cole, bombings in Beirut and and a host of other untoward behavior, and the fact it has yet to do so, reflects poorly on the administration. But If someone were to confess to all those crimes, why, it might go a long way toward shining the light of goodness on the Whitehouse. ... So the truth of the so-called confession doesn't really matter to the administration. What matters is the public perception of the truth... So what if Khalid Sheikh Mohammed isn't guilty of all the crimes he supposedly said he is - he's guilty of something and that's good enough for government work.