Thursday, November 02, 2006


Is Hadley wigging out? Looks like it in the past few days. Apparently he had a poor showing at some recent forum and from there starting digging his political grave before his campaign even got off the ground; separating himself from supporters. We wonder if he's taken this thing too hard.
Thing is, Hadley's an attorney, so we're told, and he should know that write-in dark horses have a very small chance of even making a decent showing, and actually winning is almost unheard of. Most of the time they just fragment the popular vote and some second-rate candidate takes the win. It's called being a spoiler.
Hadley, old buddy, time to read the writing on the wall.... your support is vocal but not numerous. Not even the popular press believes you have legitimacy. Time to move on.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Showing continued signs of tedium, Eddie Lee's political candidates forum at the Snow Hill Fire Hall last night turned out to be the useless waste of everyone's time that most thought it would be. Voters and candidates alike stayed away in droves. With an estimated 50 people in the audience, a quick look around the room told those plugged into the political machine, that only about 10 people were disinterested observers. The rest were hangers-on of one candidate or another. Announcement of the forum a few days ago, set some to wondering why the NAACP would host the event, and that issues was resolved with the first question to a candidate: Now that the board of education has established what Lee calls an "omsnabudsman" in the southern end of the county, would the candidate support similar positions at other schools? ... Unfortunately, that question was posed to Randy Beachamp, candidate for county commissioner, and one observer described his response as something akin to a deer in the headlights -- sort of a local Dan Quayle thing..... he has no freaking idea what an ombudsman is.... but that's not as bad as it looks... because the schooldboard has NOT established an ombudsman position in any school... that was just a line of bullshit that Lee has been pimping as his idea and the board's agreement.... didn't happen. Oh Lee whined about it and all, but the board never agreed and never funded the position... don't believe me? Call the the School Board and ask to speak to the ombudsman. See what happens. ... This is just another example of Lee promoting himself and telling people that he's doing things he hasn't done. I'm beginning to think maybe he's pathological.
The one interesting point in the evening was a couple blatant lies proffered by Beau Oglesby. One was his comment that he had experience prosecuting major felony cases, like murder, rape and robbery. ... if you count appearances in district court to present just enough evidence to have a judge to find probable cause a crime has been committed and send it on to the circuit court, well then yes, I guess he has... but if your definition includes actually arguing the state's case in circuit court (and there's a world of difference between the two) then, Oglesby lied. He lied too when he held up a copy of a newspaper story about gang activity in the county and attempted to show his opponent was lying when he said there is no gang activity in Worcester. In fact, the story was about a rumor amongst local cops that certain gang initiates could kill anyone who flashed their lights at them. The story was about the urban myth that has been around for at least 20 years, and that cops keep falling for.... cops love drama and suspense and the very thought they may get to be heroes and save the world... or at least a cute little blond babe who will be very, very thankful. ... oh wait... maybe that's my fantasy.... yes... that's it.... never mind.... Nevertheless, this really calls Oglesby's honesty and integrity into question... If we can't trust him now, why should we trust him after the election?
Okay.... I made a mistake about the newspaper story Oglesby whipped out at the forum (geez, somebody tell him to quit whippin' stuff out in public).... turns out it was a story about an incident at a biker rally last year and how the cops bungled the case.... still, that's on the cops, not the state's attorney's office....

Monday, October 30, 2006


Well, I see where ol' Joe is havin' his troubles. Seems his boys are alcoholics or drug addicts, or maybe both... Is that what he said? ... And he blames it all on them coming to the bustling metropolis of Ocean City. ... But I can't help but wonder if a large part of their problem is their parenting, or lack of same. .... Now don't get me wrong, I don't like OC myself... seems like a big twisted Busby Berkley production in tribute to avarice... Damn place is a freak show designed for the dumbest and most easily entertained of Americans.... Sort of a carnival put on by shorebillies for the amusement of hillbillies. But, relatively speaking, it's not fraught with danger. So, if Joe's boys got caught up with drugs and whiskey and fancy women when they were teenagers, don't you have to wonder if they just didn't know any better, or if their parents didn't teach them right from wrong?
I can't figure why he would hold his boys up to public ridicule, seeing as all this happened some time ago. But if I were him, I'd leave those boys be and them them heal up. The more shit ya stir up, the more it stinks. ... know what I mean?