Thursday, October 25, 2007


Rick Jordan, a VP over at WBOC, issued fair warning today that some shows that his station broadcasts will be blacked out on other stations in this market. ... The reason he says is so his station won't continue to lose market-share.
Now, I've never met Mr. Jordon, but already he's coming off like a blind buffoon. Hell, he not losing market-share because of competition. He's losing it because he can't put together a product that anyone wants. For the most part, WBOC is just a funnel into the market for the CBS network. Other than that, what do they do... broadcast their sloppily sanitized version of the local news and cobble together a lame PSA once in a while... That's it... oh, and they make commercials for their advertisers... and even the production values there are amateurish and almost painful to watch.
So here's the thing, Rick: you blacking out Oprah, Jerry Springer, or whoever isn't going to help you, appreciably. If you want to improve your bottom line, then you need to make significant changes in the staff. Start with your news editor and anchor, ol' Steve Whatshisname, his bias for business and government are obvious and offensive. And if what I hear from your videographers and talent is correct, most of them can't get away from his crafting of news stories fast enough.
Then, if you're going to continue to film commercials for your advertisers, find writers, directors and videographers with ideas, talent and ability and then let them do the work without the heavy-handed oversight of the person who's doing it now.
Until you do that, nothing will change and you'll continue to go down the tubes.