Wednesday, October 03, 2007


It seems as if Fred Thompson may not the savior the fundamentalist "Christians" are looking for in nest year's election. ... Already, some are threatening to support a third party candidate if the GOP doesn't come up with a proper brown-shirted goose stepper.
But that threat is both empty and exposes the group's ignorance of the political landscape. First, there is no third party candidate. Oh I suppose they could scrape up a candidate - somebody like Ralph Reed, maybe. But their chances of selling him to voters is about zero. Secondly, and more importantly, the the Republican leadership doesn't give a rat's ass what those nattering nabobs of nutjobbery want in this election cycle, because they're smart enough to know that no matter who they pimp, he ain't gonna win.... not in this cycle and probably not the next one either.
Yo, guys. You had your turn at the podium and you claimed you knew who the best candidte was to lead America. But all choices in the past 27 years have proven to traitorous, no too bright bimbos. You've shot your wad and missed. Now it's time to retire back to the peanut gallery and STFU.