Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Meet the newest face of the John McCain Campaign. He calls himself Daddy Yankee and he's apparently agreed to be the McCain's token young latino. Daddy Yankee, for those of us who have never heard of him, is a self-styled, performer out of Puerto Rico, whose image and musical stylings are aimed at giving legitimacy to the lifestyles of other pretend and real gangsters from south of the border. Great.
The thing is; real gangsters don't vote, because real gangsters.... they're criminals. They're outside the law and outside of society. I can virtually guarantee Mr. McCain that the Bloods, or Crips or MS-13 is not going to take time off from their busy schedule of extortion, drug dealing and whacking one another to go down to the polls and do their civic duty. And pretend gangsters don't vote either, because well, they're pretending to be gangsters. But hey, I could be wrong - what if the McCain camp knows more than I do and they are recruiting the hitherto unknown Mexican/South American Gangster voting block.... Yeah, probably not. It's more likely the campaign just needed a minority face so the party would look quite so much like a loaf of Wonder Bread.
For his part, Mr. Yankee says he signed on the to McCain juggernaut because he likes the candidate's policy on immigration.... whatever that is. But before Yankee delivers the huddled masses from below the border to the feet of McCain, both Yankee and the masses need to realize that whatever McCain's personal policy on immigration was in Arizona nothing more and an academic footnote if he is elected El Presidente. He will no longer be just representing the interests of the Latino vote in Arizona. Instead he'll have to take into account the interests of all demographic groups in all the states. So despite whatever he says now, when he has no power to enact a national policy on immigration, it may be, and likely will be quite different if he does get the power - and obligation - to make policy.


Old Man said...

Rat Turd! So nice to see you're back. I hope to see u post on more than just an occasional basis. Somebody has to keep those darn Republicans straight!

ratturdinthecake said...

Yes, well we can only stomach so much of the right wing's idiocy, so we had to take a break and do other stuff for a while.
But now we're back and ready to rejoin the education of the Great Unwashed.