Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Score one for Johnny. He was the first one to dive head-first into the wading pool when his lackeys this week pounced on Barack Obama for his talking about putting lipstick on a pig. The phrase, McCain's lackey hatchet men, is a Obama's direct shot at Sarah Palin... being as she used the term "lipstick" in her acceptance speech last week.
Jesus Freaking Christ. I mean, who the hell thought that one up? Does McCain have a couple of 11th grade boys, named Bevis and Butthead, on his staff who make up these half-witticisms? Did no one on that campaign staff ever study semantics, linguistics, or even logic when they went to school? There is no connection between Palin's and Obama's comments. Obama mentioned lipstick on a pig. Palin claimed to be "hockey mom" and said the only difference between a hockey mom a pit bull, which is a breed of dog, is lipstick. Therefore, Palin is claiming to be a dog, or perhaps more precisely, a bitch. I mean they do grasp the differences between a pig and dog, don't they?....Hmmmm. Now that we look that this more closely, we see that Palin claimed that ALL hockey moms are dogs/bitches. Well, that could hurt her in nthe polls with the hockey-mom demographic.
And even beyond that lame-brained association, we could help but notice that the Repigs mounted their umbrage-taking campaign when Obama was talking about McCain's lack of an intelligible economic policy. And that's a sore point for McCain because, by his own public estimation, his gasp of the subject is tenuous, at best.... So maybe he brought in Bevis and Butthead to buy him some time, hoping the focus on a non-issue would keep attention away from his ignorance of a very important facet of the presidency.
And this is no small thing. The past eight years have been an ugly object lesson on the dangers of economic ignorance; Enron went down and took billions of dollars of investments with it; Oil refineries in the Gulf of mexico went off-line when Katrina slammed into the coast, and the price of gasoline doubled. And because our fearless leader, Bush The Dim, neglected to seek short-term nationalization of energy distribution, that set the administration's second recession snowball rolling downhill. Now, three years after Katrina, the price of fuels has tripled and because of that, the cost of food has seen a precipitous rise and the entire nation is paying the price for the President's ignorance. People are losing their jobs because employers are cutting labor costs to offset increased energy costs, and higher unemployment leads to increased home foreclosures, tighter and more expensive bank and mortgage loans. And eventually, the problems gets so severe, that the federal government needs to wrest control of the two mortgage guarantors in the nation to make sure they don't auger into the dirt under the weight of $5 Trillion in mortgages, of which 1 in 7 are reportedly either in default or foreclosure.
Tell me, why in the name of Gawd would we elect someone president who has no more grasp of even macroeconomics than the current dumbass mofo does.
Don't let either candidate deflect legitimate questions by manufacturing a lame controversy about something of no importance. Get informed. Ask questions. Demand answers. This nation cannot afford another four years of buffoonery.

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